Invisalign® Provider

Officially Licensed to Bring You a Sleek, Straight Smile.

The decision to get braces is not a small one. Ahead of you lies a long path of discomfort, food restrictions, intricate upkeep, and sometimes even sport or activity restrictions… but did you know there’s an easier way to get a straight, healthy smile?

Here’s why more people are choosing Invisalign®:

Improved Appearance

Gone are the unsightly brackets and shining wires of yesterday. Even when you choose pretty colors or clear brackets, they’re more noticeable the second food gets caught in them – which can be quite often.

Easier Upkeep

Simply remove your aligners, brush them down, brush your own teeth, and then pop them back in. That’s it! These easy steps will prevent any chance of cavities or damage to your teeth.


No more scraping up the insides of your lips or tongue, or dreaded appointments to have wires tightened. Invisalign® is customized to fit your mouth perfectly; even when it’s time to resize them, you’ll barely feel a difference.

Fewer Restrictions

Because you’re able to remove Invisalign® braces at will, you or your child can play in the upcoming game or band concert with ease. You won’t have to skip out on that dinner party involving super chewy or hard foods, either!

Shorter Treatment Duration

Think you’re about to sign up for multiple years of upkeep and appointments? Think again: rather than wearing traditional braces for 2 to 5 years, Dr. Sasek’s Invisalign® treatments average 6-12 months with accelerated orthodontic options.

Don’t wait another day – you deserve a pain-free smile you can be proud of! SmileWell Dental is your certified provider of Invisalign® in the St. Louis area. Give us a call today at 314.849.1998 or schedule your appointment online.